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Helping organizations find the right fit

What do leading Blue Chip technology companies, marketing and sales organizations and product manufacturers and distributors have in common? The exploration of new business opportunities in emerging and foreign markets.

Expanding into new countries is foreign territory for businesses small and large. From research to site selection, the establishment of business premises and the selection of staff and services required for operation. Building a new business location in a foreign country presents both an exciting new opportunity and a tremendous amount planning and resource allocation.
Hiring an expert in the foreign market who understands all the nuances of regional business practice is key. Not only can reesmarx save you time, but our consulting team can help you avoid the costly pitfalls many corporations experience when expanding internationally.

Global Talent Acquisition

Clients who are establishing more than one site for international expansion enjoy the convenience of our global recruitment team and our large, consistently growing network of skilled professionals seeking regional or international career opportunities.  We provide intuitive screening of candidates, presenting only the best, most viable options for our corporate clients.

At reesmarx, we can help you find, screen and hire qualified staff for international offices. We are proud of the network of long term business relationships we have established with brands and organizations around the world. Contact us for more information regarding our services.

Business Expansion Solutions

Whether your organization is a venture capital funded start-up, a privately held company or brand or a multinational business, reesmarx has professional recruitment and business development services designed to help you establish new operations in key global markets.

Get expert coaching and consulting through our Market Expansion Services which deliver insightful research and information on economic conditions, socio-political factors that may impact your business, and human resource laws and hiring practices.  With experts on-the-ground in virtually every emerging market and high growth region in the world, our team will help you navigate compensation issues, and avoid legal complications that can imped your expansion plan.