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Technology Sector

For the past twenty years, our executive team has assisted large, international corporations and SME’s in the technology sector recruit key personnel, and build teams.  At reesmarx, we know that finding the right person begins with assessing candidate qualifications and experience, but the success of your new hire depends on their ability to integrate and excel. Our clients are progressive, rapidly growing technology companies and our candidates are talented, experienced and ambitious career professionals and thought leaders, eager to explore new business opportunities around the world. 

As the technology sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the demand for talented professionals remains strong. Technology businesses looking for growth need to work collaboratively with their partners so they truly understand the core challenges they are facing. At reesmarx, we help our clients look beyond their organisation to identify the skills required to support rapid expansion and defend against intense competition and we help them find the right executives for leadership roles.

Our technology sector specialization and network of contacts means we have the knowledge and expertise to identify and attract the best talent on a global scale. Our dedicated resourcing team can penetrate the market efficiently and our structured approach to complex expansion projects enables us to build teams and company structure across multiple disciplines, levels and territories ensuring a positive return for our clients whether it be in more traditional technologies or high growth areas like IoT, big data analytics, cloud computing or cognitive computing.

FinTech IoT Cloud Consultancy / BPO
Mobile / Telecoms Security Big Data / Analytics Communications
AI Storage Digital Media Data Warehousing
SaaS Customer Engagement Internet SEO
As a globally recognized leader in talent acquisition and with a deep understanding of the technology sector, reesmarx offers professional placement for qualified candidates through strategic locations in high-growth industrial centers, including New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Singapore.  We offer two head-office locations in the U.K. (London) and in the U.S.A (Mooresville, North Carolina).