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The coaching journey is a commitment to yourself and requires some time for self reflection. You might not be sure how, or if you will benefit from career coaching. Perhaps you are concerned about whether you have enough time to commit to the process in order to reach successful outcomes.  At times, you may find yourself addressing issues that you hadn't previously been aware of.  For example, have your work / personal values changed throughout your career? Is what's important to you now, what was important to you several years ago? Our shifting values over time may result in us feeling dissatisfied with our current work / life balance.

There are numerous factors impacting our career choices and clients who pursue personal career coaching with us are diverse in terms of their background and professional experience and the tangible reasons for using coaching services may vary widely.  

For some people, we are a valuable resource to help them determine if they should re-train or consider a new role, particularly if they feel stuck or unhappy in their current career.  Others want to learn how to improve their interview success rates, or develop their personal brand. 

The common factor is that all our clients benefit greatly from having time to reflect on their skills, strengths and personal values and this empowers them to make meaningful career related decisions.

You may be thinking about career coaching if you are; 

  • Returning to work after an absence, perhaps after education, child or elder care, or personal illness 
  • Considering a career change, but are unsure what steps to take or how to go about it
  • Lacking confidence in your current situation, perhaps feeling overwhelmed, undervalued or simply stuck in a career rut
  • Not sure what retraining you may need, or certifications required, to apply for new roles
  • Drifting along in your career and lack the motivation to make changes
  • Unemployed and need support deciding what to do next
  • Unsure what you are good at and need to re-assess your core skills and strengths in order to move on
  • Experiencing difficulty interviewing, or who wish to improve job search results
  • In middle management and wish to create an advancement strategy

We always offer an initial complimentary session to find out a bit more about you, what you're looking for, and how we might work together. We talk you through the process, our working approach, and answer all your questions. By end of that meeting you will have a good understanding of what's involved and if it's right for you. There is no obligation to work with us following this meeting.