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Landmark Case Highlights Professional Social Media Pitfalls


Last week, you may have read several news stories about a Human Resources executive who has brought a constructive dismissal case against their employer as a direct result of a dispute over social media.

LinkedIn is a popular tool for candidates and full-time employees who wish to document and promote their CV.  In this case, the employer states that a change in policy was violated when the employee ticked a box in their LinkedIn settings which indicated that they were interested in “career opportunities”.  Ticking this box effectively constituted “inappropriate use of social media.”  In addition, the employer claims that the LinkedIn profile disclosed private details of the company’s structure.

The case is ongoing and will no doubt be watched closely by anyone with a professional interest in employment and by people keen to ensure that their own LinkedIn profile won’t unexpectedly land them in hot water.

Social media profiles have become a very powerful tool in attracting the attention of employers and recruitment companies, but potential candidates should be aware that the content that they chose to share online can cause problems further down the line, with this case demonstrating that something as seemingly benign as ticking a box can lead to issues.

Have you had any similar experiences?  Do you think that the use of social media for career prospects is perfectly reasonable?  Do boundaries need to be drawn?  Is the tech sector more, or less accommodating to social media use?  reesmarx has a LinkedIn Group established for the discussion of recruitment where you can tell us what you think.