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A Recruiting Partnership


Founded in 1989, Princeton Softech provides enterprise solutions that align application data management with business  objectives. The company provides application data management to customers for tasks such as data assessment, data classification, storage and archiving. Clients use Princeton Softech’s products to address functions including application performance management, risk mitigation and cost control. Customers come from a range of industries such as manufacturing, technology, transportation, financial services and telecommunications. Outside of the USA, Princeton Softech has an international presence in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. In September 2007 Princeton Softech was acquired by IBM.

Retaining a recruitment consultancy when there is a central HR function in place may not appear to make economic sense on paper but, when the two companies work closely in partnership, the benefits can be substantial. Leading recruitment consultancy reesmarx europe, specialises in the recruitment of Sales/Marketing, Professional Services, Human Resources, Finance and Legal professionals to the high  technology market through their offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Charlotte, USA. This international presence means they are able to offer services that usually have to be undertaken by multiple consultancies.

The situation:

When US-based Princeton Softech decided to further expand operations in Europe, reesmarx europe had just the experience  they were looking for; “At that stage I was using several consultancies  on a contingency basis” explained Brian Bremer, Manager of Workforce Planning for Princeton Softech.

“One day I got talking to a member of the reesmarx team about the complicated situation I  found myself in. I was spending all my time repeating the same information to different people in different consultancies in different countries. I had got to the point where a different approach was needed, although I wasn’t sure what at this stage. It proved good timing for a conversation about working on a partnership basis with the team at reesmarx europe.” Glyn  Rees,  Managing Director

The solution:

After this discussion, Glyn Rees, Managing Director EMEA, and his team formulated a plan for Brian explaining that Princeton Softech would benefit from their ‘Partnership Network’ approach for recruitment of all Sales/Marketing and Professional Services personnel throughout EMEA. “This concept was unheard of in the US and the Board took a lot of persuading that it would be cost-effective to pay money up front to a recruitment consultancy to work on our behalf in Europe”, adds Brian.

At that stage, Princeton Softech found that the average time-to-fill per job was 90 days and the associated costs were high. reesmarx europe was able to demonstrate that by consistently working together on a partnership basis costs would be no more, if not less, with a much shorter time-to-fill for each open position. One of the significant benefits, however, would be the savings to Brian’s time, which, with just one company to communicate with, would be enormous.

The process:

With a dedicated Account Manager in contact with Brian on a daily basis, the companies work in very close partnership, which is unusual between recruitment consultancies and their clients but both find this the ideal way to work.

With offices across Europe the consultancy has on-the-ground experience and a wide network of contacts in the region. This enables the dedicated resourcing team to identify and target the best talent in the market and then sell the opportunity accordingly. The team will conduct the initial processing of candidates for Princeton Softech which includes pre-interviewing to ensure that they meet the required criteria in terms of skills and experience as well as ‘cultural fit’. This selection process works so well that statistics show that one in four candidates submitted by reesmarx europe is made an offer of employment. The statistical norm with a contingency contract is one in ten. This means Hiring Managers do not have to sift through numerous profiles and spend time interviewing candidates who might look good on paper but do not meet the desired criteria.

When a new position for Europe is signed off in the US, the Account Manager sets up a conference call with Brian in the US and the appropriate Princeton VP in Europe”, explains Glyn Rees. “This way we’re getting information beyond the job specification to ensure we get candidates with the right personality to match that requirement.  An HR department based in the US would not necessarily have the right information to hand to choose a candidate for a European role. We also have to ensure that candidates meet both European and US requirements as they have to pass a final interview, usually by phone, with the Head of Global Operations  based in the US.”

By being very focused on Princeton Softech’s requirements, reesmarx europe typically sources three or four candidates that meet the criteria and, invariably, all those submitted are interviewed. “As well as advertising and using our own database, we know the type of target companies Princeton are looking to employ candidates from and will actively headhunt a person who specifically fits the bill if necessary”, continues Glyn Rees.

The team at reesmarx europe has invested significant time in understanding Princeton’s current business and future strategy. They hold regular review meetings where they will discuss new ideas, possible improvements, challenges and successes. Various team members have been to Princeton’s offices in Europe and the US to review processes to ensure both parties are executing the agreement efficiently and effectively.

Princeton Softech needed to expand their European team quickly but with no local HR or recruiting presence in EMEA, it was becoming increasingly challenging to manage this volume of hiring from the US.


■ Speed up the time to hire in Europe
■ Attract the best candidates in a highly competitive European market
■ Efficiency and effectiveness of the end to end hiring process in Europe
■ Consistency in the hiring process across different European countries
■ Detailed reporting / metrics to the USA and Hiring Managers
■ Different compensation packages across different European countries


■ A retained, partnership approach with a single pan-European recruitment  consultancy


■ A seamless European extension to the existing HR function in the US
■ Significant improvements in time to hire and number of new hires
■ Fixed costs and improved efficiencies in the end to end recruiting process

The result:

reesmarx europe’s understanding of Princeton Softech’s business has saved Brian Bremer a significant amount of time and has won him, and his board, over to the partnership model. This approach is not typically practiced by recruiters in the US and Brian is currently trialing this method with two consultancies in the States. In the first 18 months of the partnership with Princeton, reesmarx successfully filled 25 positions throughout Europe across sales, marketing and professional services.

“We were not too sure how it was going to work at the beginning but reesmarx has taken on board the partnership model and really has become  Princeton’s  HR department in Europe. In fact, I view the team as Princeton Softech employees”, concludes Brian. “I could quickly tell by the CVs that reesmarx sent to us that they understood just what we are looking for. With each role we put before them, 98 percent fit the bill immediately. They understand our needs, they understand the type of people we want to work with and they take the time to make sure that our time is not wasted with unsuitable candidates.”

reesmarx explained

About reesmarx:

Established in 2000 to offer  recruitment solutions tailored specifically to the technology market, reesmarx is a  successful  niche recruitment consultancy with a strong international focus.

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