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Recruiters Do More Than Assist Hiring: They Help Build Teams

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Locating and screening potential candidates for the perfect fit?  Whether your business has a large human resource team or not, a professional recruiter is a tremendous asset that helps save time, expense and frustration.

While some corporations retain a different recruiter for each hire, the relationship between your business and a dedicated recruiter (responsible for all staffing locations) is even more meaningful when you limit the number of recruiters you work with.   We will discuss the advantages to working in partnership with a single recruiter, and why it offers a competitive and cost advantage for your company.

Your Culture Matters

Cultural fit between a candidate and an organization is one of the most underestimated components of hiring practice.  When we are selecting candidates for a role, the team at reesmarx is careful to accurately profile the organization to provide clear communication to a prospective hire.

Many other important attributes can fit well between a business and a new hire.  The candidate may have the skills and experience to qualify for the role, but if the prospective employee is not aligned with the social and team values of the organization, integration as a team member is challenging (and not always successful).

Today more than ever, when candidates have limitless international career opportunities, candidates are interested in learning more about the corporate culture, before signing any contract.   Criteria including work and life balance, vacation time and other employee perks matter, but value alignment is key. If a recruit cannot see the vision or direction of the company, or if they do not believe in the brand or product, it can be difficult to connect in a positive way with the business environment (and everyone in it).  And that creates costly problems.

A recruiter who has extensive experience assisting the organization with placements can help evaluate cultural aspects to ensure a solid fit.   Onboarding a new individual can be challenging enough, without a lack of value alignment in principles, vision and ethic. A dedicated recruiter who knows your business well, can better choose the idea candidate for the role.

The Team Factor

Consider a situation where you are hiring a new member for team that you have built (with the assistance of a recruiter) for years.   Would you trust an independent recruiter with no prior knowledge of the team dynamic?  How could a new recruiter possibly match the experience and understanding of each individual on the team, when your hiring professional has assisted you by building the unit or division with you, from the ground up.

The team insights available to a recruiter are invaluable. Not only will a dedicated recruiter be aware of dynamics that can impede the onboarding of a new employee, they can help select someone who will fit naturally within the environment. From pronounced personality traits to potential conflicts, the relationship your business has with one recruiter can help you avoid poor hiring decisions, while ensuring you are building a strong interpersonal framework with strengths and weakness that play and perform well together.

Placing the right person with the right employer saves time and money.


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At reesmarx, we have a global network of recruitment professionals who are constantly scouting for the best talent in every sector.  For larger corporations, we recommend establishing a relationship with one recruiter to architect strategic hires that enhance your team dynamic.

Contact us for more information on our international recruitment services.  We connect top employers to high quality candidates worldwide.  Learn more about reesmarx.