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Featured In The Times "Going Global: Special Report" (Raconteur)

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We are pleased to feature in and share with you the Going Global special report, published in The Times today.  This special report offers expert opinions on businesses navigating global expansion and considers possible post-Brexit trade rules, the increasing threat of automation to jobs in South Asia and many other insights into global markets. The changes to the international business environment, impact both organizations and skilled professionals, in all sectors.

At reesmarx, we understand the challenges of global recruitment and business expansion as our clients prepare to expand into new markets overseas. Our global expansion team provides support to SME's and corporations, to help mitigate employment risks and liabilities through a single, dedicated structure.  Reduce expenses, legal and cultural complications, and hone your hiring with local recruiters, who are part of our talented international team.

We hope you enjoy some of the insights provided in the "Going Global: Special Report".  We were pleased to be a part of this special edition, on international business and global expansion strategies.   We invite you to use your mobile device (requires QR reader), to scan the QR Code below, for our special feature multimedia content.Going Global