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Offering our support as we tackle COVID-19

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As the world comes together to cope with the current COVID-19 healthcare crisis, these challenging times will have an impact on both our personal and professional lives, as businesses also brace for economic changes and adversities.

What we know about the human spirit is that it has the capacity to endure and thrive after great challenges.  At reesmarx, our global team of career coaches and recruitment professionals will continue to support our business clients by providing safe procedures for remote meetings and interviews, in compliance with current preventative measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For businesses, it is important to remember that this will pass. Hiring activities for your organization can take up to several months, particularly when engaging in talent acquisition in competitive markets.  Our executive team has reviewed prevention protocols with our global team to keep our staff, our clients and candidates safe.

Supporting global businesses, reesmarx can retain virtual client meetings and candidate interviews on schedule.  What we face now as a global community, will resolve.  It will get better. And for our part, our team at reesmarx will be helping businesses retain and acquire the skilled professionals they need.

We will continue moving forward, in good faith with hopeful outcomes for a fast resolution to the global health crisis. 

Please reach out to us for guidance or support regarding your business or employment needs.  We are ready to help as a valued member of your team, to help both businesses and individuals navigate this difficult period. Our team will be working hard to keep jobs open, moving forward and to support the recovery of the global economy. 

Glyn Rees, Founder & Managing Partner EMEA