Ray Tomasco

Global Expansion in Times of Revival: Interview with Ray Tomasco, Top Global Growth and Talent Hunter

In this episode of the GlobalEdgeTalk podcast, we are joined by Ray Tomasco, who is the Managing Partner of reesmarx.  For over 20 years, Ray has provided insight around issues of the organization, growth and operations, and leadership to clients and senior executives. Recognizing and adapting to the special needs of early-stage and fast-growth companies while offering suggestions for funding, partnerships, and overall hiring and retention strategies. 

Transcript of the episode:

Alex (00:00):

Hi, this is Alex Romanovich, and welcome to GlobalEdgeTalk. Today is August 16th, 2021. We have an interesting, amazing, wonderful guest Ray Tomasco. And I will introduce him in just a second. Hi, Ray.

Ray (00:17):

Hi, Alex. How are you today?

Alex (00:19):

Excellent. Ray is a managing partner in reesmarx, but prior to that, I'll explain what this company does. We will talk about global talent search and global expansion, which is near and dear to all of us right now. Prior to that, Ray was a partner in Urgenci Atlantic, and actually, he still is. That's a firm involved with professional services and the talent search as well in the tech sector. And prior to that Ray was a founder of the Huntington Group, which he successfully sold and became a managing partner in a follow-on from CL Tomasko LLC. He was also with Hall Kinion, but the topic of today's conversation is going to be global expansion. The topic that is very, very near and dear to all of us, which is executive search and talent search. We will talk about a variety of edgy topics related to this. Ray, welcome to our studio.

Ray (01:25):

Thank you, Alex. Looking forward to it.

Alex (01:28):

The first question I have is, and that's really more of a conversation, after the 2020 pandemic, and actually, we're still kind of in the middle of it with some states spiking, some doing well and some countries still having issues, and some countries doing well, but some predicted a complete move away from global expansion and global supply chain. And yet the free flow of goods and services remained intact. As a matter of fact, the area of logistics is thriving right now. After 2020 into 2021, the economic pressures have meant so many different things for the enterprises. They are becoming smarter right now. They're becoming more strategic about how their businesses are distributed, and the products are distributed. We're seeing quite the opposite. We're seeing more growth into the expansion and we're seeing some interesting trends. What can you tell us about that?

Ray (02:33):

It's interesting, Alex, as our clients are all growing and people are looking at new markets, and I think that's a change in behavior. If you didn't make the change before the pandemic and didn't make it during the pandemic, you have to keep on looking at different areas for distribution. I've heard horror stories on some of our clients getting containers in, getting a product in, but they found a solution around it. One of our clients was talking that they can't offer certain products because they can't get them, but they found other products. That's the diversity of production that you need. I think people are also looking at vulnerability. So are you vulnerable to one supply chain? It's been wonderful for our business because we're not just going into China. We have to be in India.

Ray (03:28):

We have to be in Europe. We have to be in Mexico. How do we diversify? You`re talking about more people in more areas of jobs, of global expansion or supply chain. I hear or read the other day that it was like 90% of executives found a new supply chain to get resilience in their supply chain. You take 90%, that's only 10% are still not doing it. They haven't gotten multiple products, or different areas to get their product into the US or Europe or Asia. I think we're on the right track. I think that's the whole idea of the pandemic too. You had to change your behavior, you had to change the way you were doing business a little bit. You can't do the same thing over and over.

Alex (04:18):

Yeah, it's interesting. You told me recently that about some of the situations you're working with, and the executive search projects where companies are willing to pay more for the right talent and build towards that, not just with the executives, but also the entire teams. What can you say about that?

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