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At reesmarx, we're proud to have earned international recognition as leaders in global recruitment and business consulting.  We are your partner for senior sales, marketing, human resources, consulting, finance, management and board level placements. 

With localized expertise in every major emerging market, technology and business hub, reesmarx supports seamless expansion for organizations.  We take the time to understand  both client values and culture, to find the perfect fit for your team.  

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    Our priority is finding the perfect fit for your organization. 

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    With over twenty years of experience, we offer a bespoke approach to recruitment and business expansion.  

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    Save time and expense, by working in partnerhsip with us to source talented leadership and build teams.  

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    Our team will help you navigate common cultural, legal and communication obstacles that can occur when hiring overseas.  

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    From cultural hiring best practice, to variations in employment laws, compensation and more, we provide local expertise on a global scale. 

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    As industry specialists, we have depth of experience and expertise to deliver consistent results. 

Client Testimonials

  • I have worked with numerous headhunters throughout my 20 year sales career. [reesmarx] is by far the most ethical, dependable, trustworthy, professional and creative[company] I have ever seen. Finding the right talent that fits your organization and culture is probably one of the most daunting and challenging tasks of any size company. [Their] eye for talent and most importantly the right character for TROY has been tremendous. [The team at reesmarx had] a true understanding of what TROY needs today and in the future.

    VP Global Sales - TROY Group Inc
  • reesmarx and Quadient have been recruiting together for the last few years, utilizing the Partnership Network fee agreement. reesmarx is and has recruited for Quadient throughout EMEA and is now sourcing senior level personnel in Asia and Australia. I have found reesmarx an attentive supplier, right across the EMEA and the APAC regions for the recruitment of Sales, Marketing and Professional Services at middle to senior executive level, understanding our needs from both a cultural and candidate background perspective. We have no hesitation in recommending reesmarx’s highly dedicated team and successful recruitment services due to the diligent service we receive.

    EVP Global HR - Quadient
  • As our EMEA business has grown and expanded into new territories we have had to onboard new team members quickly and effectively, often putting benefit packages together with a short lead time. reesmarx has been a good business partner to facilitate this growth providing taxation advice, contract coverage and speedy payroll services so we can bring the new team members on board without fuss or delay. Their attention to detail has enabled us to establish presence in European countries where we have no legal entity, advising clearly on the risks and HR considerations to take into account. I would recommend them to US software companies looking to grow their teams in new geographic domains.

    Senior Vice President - Worksoft
  • My initial contact with the reesmarx team was as a candidate when they approached me about a VP role for a start up software company. I was not actively looking and having worked with large corporates including QAD, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Oracle, I was not necessarily considering a pre-IPO opportunity, but the team worked closely with me to position the role accurately and professionally and it turned out to be an excellent career move for me at that time. I was impressed with the way the team communicated with me and I always had their full support and trust. Relationships are what counts, and I have continued to use reesmarx’s Partnership Network solution in my subsequent roles.

    CEO - Conversity



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