executive search

Executive search

Search & Selection

In the competitive global marketplace, finding leadership executives can be a challenge for most organizations.  At reesmarx, we combine our industry knowledge and resourcing expertise to bring clients an efficient and effective return on their growth investments.

Our strong global network and structured approach to research and market mapping enables us to leverage the best candidates locally, nationally and internationally, guaranteeing shortlists that are both talent rich and diverse.

We help our clients build exceptional leadership teams in over thirty countries. 


The briefing stage involves the stakeholders in the hiring process and gives both parties the opportunity to really drill down on the specifics of the role as well as the wider context around the hire. In order to identify and attract candidates who best fit the paradigm and culture of your company, we need to fully capture the personnel profile as well as understand the experience and core competencies required for the position.  We will then confirm in writing the position and candidate specification, detailing the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position as well as the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success. 

Search Strategy 

We bring together a carefully selected team to establish the initial search strategy and further review and confirm the specifications of the role, including required skills, responsibilities, reporting, goals etc. This will include target companies (competitors, disruptors and/or outside industry), and the search criteria. We determine the priorities and analyse the unique challenges that will shape the search process.  

Attracting & Evaluating Candidates 

Our expert resourcing team identify and approach potential candidates and use their experience and insights to draw passive candidates into the process.  We assess their interest in the role based on our understanding and develop a short list of candidates with the qualifications and interest in the position. We carry out rigorous interviews with candidates based on the skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes outlined during the briefing stage. 

Completion & Onboarding

We manage and coach the preferred candidate through the offer process, assisting in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help bring the search to a successful close. We will sensitively manage the period between resignation and onboarding and communicate regularly with both parties during the final stages.