At reesmarx, our candidates are talented, experienced and ambitious career professionals and thought leaders, eager to explore new opportunities around the world.  

We understand that every successful placement is reciprocal.  Organizations must meet candidates needs professionally and personally. The candidates we place are experienced, talented and ready to achieve results and our clients are progressive, rapidly growing companies offering great career prospects. 

If you consider yourself to be an experienced leader within your profession, get connected to the global recruiters at reesmarx. 

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    Our resourcing team will keep you informed every step of the way. Your career is in safe hands. 

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    Our recruiters are experts who can connect you to high-growth opportunities with leading corporations. 

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    Our experienced resourcers will guide you through the recruitment process and support you at every stage. 

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    Browse exciting global job opportunities, with some of the world's leading technology, B2B corporations and B2C brands. 

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    Access our blog for professional development advice you can use to advance your career. 

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    Consider our career counselling services if you need additional support to identify your career potential. 

Candidate Testimonials 

  • Dealing with reesmarx has been a highly impressive experience. The process moved quickly, and they were very supportive every step of the way. I would strongly recommend reesmarx to other candidates since they exceeded the expectations with finding the right fit.

    Account Director, Nordics
  • The reesmarx team provided outstanding support at all times during the search process. They kept me proactively informed and acted as an excellent bridge between me my potential employer. I highly can recommend the reesmarx team and look forward to future opportunities.

    Sales Director, DACH
  • I am deeply impressed by the professionalism of reesmarx consultants. I was very well informed both about job opportunity and about the hiring company as well as about the status of the evaluation process. The team know their market very well and for whom they are conducting research. This requires both deep understanding of the business of the customer and proper assessment of the candidate. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to work with reesmarx again.

    Senior Pre-Sales, Poland
  • reesmarx provided detailed information regarding the opportunity as well as an overview around the prospect organization and their status within the industry and their specific market. The interview process was planned precisely, and I received every necessary invite and additional information in a timely manner. It’s important to have a partner that understands the needs of the candidate.

    Sales Director, APAC



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