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Career Coaching Programme

Programme Overview

The career coaching programme is tailored specifically to your needs and designed to focus on your personal objectives discussed at the start of the process.

The sessions involve in depth discussion and analysis and you will work through an open process and use carefully selected exercises and counselling skills to help you gain greater insight into career related issues and make meaningful career related decisions.

The process is flexible and tailored to meet your goals and intentions. Broadly, areas covered include: ​

  • Who Am I? 

  • What Do I Want? 

  • What Can Help Me?

  • What Next?

​​Frequently Asked Questions...

How much time will I need to commit? There will be some home exercises to complete which will then be used during the coaching discussions. Some of the exercises can be done together in the sessions.

How many meetings will there be? Typically, one to one coaching involves 4-6 sessions lasting approximately 1.5 hours each.

How long should I leave between meetings? We recommend not leaving more that 3 weeks between each session but again, there is always flexibility.

Where do the meetings take place? Our preference is to meet you in person, Skype, Zoom or other on-line meeting options to work around your other commitments.

What is your cancellation policy ? Before we start, we will provide you with our Terms of Business but we ask for 48 hours notice if you need to change an appointment.​