Career Coaching


Embarking on a bespoke coaching programme with one of our qualified, experienced coaches will help you gain a deeper understanding of your skills, priorities, achievements, values and motivators. We draw on these personal insights to address career related issues, identify resources and to gain clarity around possible future career paths.  

We work with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and professional experience and there are many potential outcomes and benefits. The first step is always a complimentary session to expore if it's the right path for you and to provide you with a full overview of what's invloved.

We offer one to one career coaching sessions as well as workshops, ad hoc and corporate packages. 

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    Gain a deeper appreciation of your skills, strengths and personal values 

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    Feel empowered and ready to move on in your career

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    Increase your confidence to make meaningful career related decisions

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    Consider the wider issues around making a complete career change 

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    Investigate new working patterns like interim or agile working

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    Give yourself time to really refect on what's important in your career

Coaching Testimonials 

  • I started career counselling with [reesmarx] when I was considering my return to work after an 8 year career break. My coach fully took into consideration my objectives for the sessions and guided me to make informed decisions about my career direction. They supported me through self reflection exercises which helped me to understand the type of environment where I work at my best. The sessions increased my confidence and encouraged me to look outside the limited career prospects I had initially considered. I found the sessions incredibly useful and I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for career counselling to contact reesmarx.

    Lynn Beaugie



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