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Career Coaching

Career coaching will help you gain a deeper appreciation of your skills, strengths, achievements and personal values, leading to greater career growth and fulfilment.

Coaching is a process that will empower you to address career issues and make career related decisions in a way that aligns with your potential and personal values.

Allow yourself the space and time to reflect on your life priorities.

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  • I started career coaching with reesmarx when I was considering my return to work after an 8 year career break. My coach fully took into consideration my objectives for the sessions and guided me to make informed decisions about my career direction.  I was supported through self reflection exercises which helped me to understand the type of environment where I work at my best.  The sessions increased my confidence and encouraged me to look outside the limited career prospects I had initially considered. I went on to establish my own business! I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for career coaching srvices to contact reesmarx.   

  • I wanted to make a complete career change after many years of being 'stuck' in the same role and industry. I was lacking the confidence to take the first step and didn't know where to begin. The one to one career coaching programme with reesmarx really helped me to appreciate the skills I had that were transferable and to be clear about what was important to me. I was able to get clearer picture in my head of what direction I wanted to go in and how I might then start to take action. I feel much more confident and ready to make changes. I also felt very supported and valued throughout the process and I'm now excited now about my future career options. Thank you!


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