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​Coaching Services

Start with a complimentary session to find out a bit more about you, what you're looking for, and how we might work together. We will guide you through the process, our working approach, and answer any questions you may have. By the end of that meeting, you should have a good understanding of what's involved and if it's right for you. 

The CAREER COACHING PROGAMME consists of between 4-6 career meetings tailored specifically to your needs and designed to focus on your personal objectives discussed at the start of the process. The sessions involve in depth discussion and analysis and together with your coach, you will work through an open process and use carefully selected exercises and counselling skills to help you gain greater insight into any issues and make meaningful career related decisions.  The process is flexible and we work with you to ensure that the sessions are tailored to really meet your goals and intentions.

The advantage of GROUP WORKSHOPS is that you can share ideas and greatly benefit from the input of others. It can also be a gentle introduction to networking and being in the company of people in a similar situation. 

You may be looking for ONE OFF COACHING SESSIONS on specific topics, or you may wish to have a more generic session 'career health check'

Pricing & Packages

A quote for any coaching sessions will always be provided following the initial complimentary screening meeting, once we better understand your requirements.

All quotes will be in writing and subject to our Terms & Conditions.  

We offer ad-hoc sessions, group sessions / workshops and a full coaching programme.

Prices vary depending on the package and your individual requirements. 

We adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors.