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11 August 2020 - 01 April 2021 04:00-05:00 Online

​​​Hosted by The Global Chamber® we talk to a panel of global leaders to hear their insights and share their experiences covering women and men in the workplace including progress made, and next steps - globally. We intend to be informational on the progress women have made, and we will also hear from strong women and men in business talk about their growth, struggles, lessons and mentors - to grow global success.

We're planning an informational and empowering discussion for leaders of all genders to listen, learn and pull away insights to support additional progress for companies growing globally. In a time of isolation, separation and distancing, we think it's a perfect time for a Globinar that unites us along with educating on some things that are often unsaid in the workplace. Topics covered include:

  • Benefit of having a women’s perspective for global growth

  • Benefit of having women on the Executive team and Board of Directors

  • Women not asking for enough when taking a new role

  • Women always looking at why they are not fit for roles vs why they are

  • Women worried about how they are perceived by being direct

  • Structural issues such as pay gaps and how to overcome them

  • Women looking at seniority very differently than men

  • Why teamwork can work so well – balance of skills and emotional intelligence


Christina Tomasco – Managing Partner of Urgenci Atlantic

Ericha Hartz – Global Partnership Director at reesmarx

Suzy Zeng – CEO & Co-Founder, Z-Choice International

Lynn Bamford – President Defense & Power, Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Jeff Olsen – Business Development Professional