Global Recruitment

The Partnership Network

The Partnership Network is a flexible and highly successful talent acquisition solution. It offers a competitive pricing structure, strong worldwide focus and a dedicated resourcing team with a successful track record on speed of delivery and extreme professionalism throughout the recruitment process. 

This approach leverages the best candidates locally, nationally and internationally, guaranteeing shortlists that are both talent rich and diverse. Clients are able to manage multiple hires across different countries and disciplines through one centralized point of contact, saving valuable time and resources. 

The Benefits

Use the Partnership Network to build your team/s with expert help from our global resourcing professionals.  We will; 

  • Offer a flexible and competitive pricing model to suit your needs, taking into account the number of hires, locations and levels etc. 
  • Search on a global scale, having successfully recruited in over 30 countries 
  • Recruit across all disciplines and competencies 
  • Provide one point of contact to streamline communications 
  • Produce metrics and reporting against agreed criteria
  • Prepare briefing documents, job descriptions and other documents relating to the assignment
  • Put together a bespoke resourcing team based on your hiring needs
  • Agree target companies and share our sourcing strategy in advance
  • Conduct thorough candidate assessments
  • Focus on delivery and quality throughout the process

From our network of global resourcing hubs, we can traverse cultural, communication and administrative obstacles to connect clients with exceptional talent including Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Operational Management professionals.  


The Partnership Network has a transparent two stage pricing model that places greater emphasis on delivery and eliminates shortlist fees. The fee is typically a fixed amount, agreed in advance, based on the salary costs associated with the recruitment project. Clients know exactly what they will spending on any given project. 

  1. Upfront payment - set against criteria agreed with the client in advance and then deducted from the final fee
  2. Final payment - paid only on completion of the project (less the upfront fee) 

The Partnership Network solution secures the dedicated resources of our experienced, global recruiters who will continue their search until the desired outcome is reached. 

Our Partnership Network solution will ensure that your organization is poised for success and strategic growth.