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Potential Benefits & Outcomes 

The potential benefits and outcomes of career coaching are wide ranging and very much linked to your personal circumstances.  For some clients, it paves the way to make significant changes and for others, it enables small steps in a new direction. Sometimes, the outcome is a greater appreciation of the things you do have and a recognition that the frustrations may come from elsewhere. In most cases, the achievement of greater personal awareness is empowering and enabling. Some include: 

  • Feeling empowered and ready to move on 

  • Better equipped to make career related decisions

  • A deeper appreciation of personal skills, strengths, values and motivators 

  • A complete career change, re-training or secondments

  • Confidence to set up on your own 

  • Personal development outside of work 

  • Re-train or requalify 

  • Adoption of new working patterns such as part time, interim, agile 

  • Re-committing to your current role

  • Stepping stone roles if you are considering a big leap or a radical career change

Career coaching is a process and may throw up more questions than answers initially. Our aim is to guide you through the process and through carefully selected exercises and in depth discussions, enable you to make better informed career related decisions and meet those personal objectives outlined at the start of the sessions.